Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Island Summer

Working on my new documentary, The Island Summer--celebrating healing and hope, while turning focus onto the simple pleasures of an unhurried life with the children...There are no cars, just bikes, and no televisions or computers this summer....
 At low tide, you can walk to the island in the background...I think at high tide, boats pass through here...
The weather in Maine changes so quickly...It can be 50 degrees F on the ferry ride to the mainland!  We are looking forward to a beautiful summer on Chebeague Island, off the coast of Maine.  Ken has so many questions and explores the many beaches all day long.  He brings home treasures of sea glass, sand dollars, and hermit crabs.  The results from stem cells can be seen everyday in his amazing thoughts and vast imagination!!  How lucky we are for such a miracle treatment!


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