Friday, June 28, 2013

new york city!!!

This week, we were in New York city to see Dr. Fallahpour at the Brain Research Institute. He is going to review Ken's QEEG results from before stem cells back in 2007, and compare them with a QEEG done today. While in the city, we also sceduled an appointment with Dr. Lowe. Dr. Lowe is working on cutting edge research in autism treatments. He suggested we get a spect scan for Kenneth. Those results will be ready next week!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Daniel Faiella And Matthew--The First To Pioneer Stem Cells For Autism

I am amazed at how doctors in the autiswm community and parents who think they are doctors try to market and capitalize stem cells. They then try to take credit for it. Anyone out there that thinks this is ian original idea, get your ego checked. You are reading about stem cells for autism all because Daniel Faiella went public with his story and took time to share his results with the autism community. For this he was greatly attacked. Ken would not be almost recovered without Daniel Faiella's help. Thank you, Daniel and Ruth, for sharing your sons journey. is greatly missed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Husband Is Phenomenal, Yet He Just Peels The Carrots...

There he stands by the sink, a scraper in his hand.  Monotonous movements, looking out the window.  In the backyard, the kids are laughing and playing.  And he peels the carrots.

I look at his face.  No expression.  He just saved the world. 

Where has he put all of his money?  Where has it gone?  Doesn't he know that we could have had a beautiful house on the ocean?  Instead, he has voices and laughter and thoughts and dreams.  He has done the impossible.  It is not possible to do what he has done.  Yet, he has done it.

Brains don't change.  But, he has found a way to change Ken's brain.  He has found a way to change Ken's life.  He has found a way to change our lives.  We were suppose to have a beautiful house on the ocean.  He has changed that for us.  Instead, we have a son who is normal.  Yet, he stands peeling carrots and listening to the laughter. 

I hope it was worth it--all the money you spent.  I hope you are happy.

You are a man who has done what no one can do.  You are a genius for your time.  You are a pioneer.  You are a visionary.  You are a hero--brave, determined, and selfless, yet you stand by the sink peeling carrots.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Panama April 2013--Ken's Sixth Stem Cell Treatment!

We spent one night at the Trump Plaza!  It was amazing and so beautiful.  Philip and Kenneth will never forget the fun they had--on the 37th floor.  Even the pool was on the 10th floor!

Four years ago this month, we went to the Stem Cell Institute for Ken's first stem cell treatment...Today, Ken is pretty much normal. His conversations are interesting and engaging, mostly when he is talking to adults. His mind is always thinking, in a serene, methodical way--in ways that make you sit beside him and want to think with him. He has a million questions and LOVES to do schoolwork and history. Extra tutoring hours after school to fill his quest for information previously hidden from him. He is the epitome of perfection, perfect manners, helpful to his father, full of happiness and LIFE. He plays with his seven year old sister, i feel he is catching up, but they do have fun adventures. IQ testing done in 2007 showed his iq was 52. IQ testing in January came back 86.


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