Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Husband Is Phenomenal, Yet He Just Peels The Carrots...

There he stands by the sink, a scraper in his hand.  Monotonous movements, looking out the window.  In the backyard, the kids are laughing and playing.  And he peels the carrots.

I look at his face.  No expression.  He just saved the world. 

Where has he put all of his money?  Where has it gone?  Doesn't he know that we could have had a beautiful house on the ocean?  Instead, he has voices and laughter and thoughts and dreams.  He has done the impossible.  It is not possible to do what he has done.  Yet, he has done it.

Brains don't change.  But, he has found a way to change Ken's brain.  He has found a way to change Ken's life.  He has found a way to change our lives.  We were suppose to have a beautiful house on the ocean.  He has changed that for us.  Instead, we have a son who is normal.  Yet, he stands peeling carrots and listening to the laughter. 

I hope it was worth it--all the money you spent.  I hope you are happy.

You are a man who has done what no one can do.  You are a genius for your time.  You are a pioneer.  You are a visionary.  You are a hero--brave, determined, and selfless, yet you stand by the sink peeling carrots.

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