Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brief Explaination Of Ken's Treatment

Our son had 24 million stem cells--12 million CD34 stem cells for the brain and 12 million Mesenchymal stem cells for gastrointestinal issues. These were from donated umbilical cord blood. The process for preparing the stem cells involves striping the cells of all blood product. This is the expensive part of the process. Kenneth had injections over a period of four days.

We loved the doctors in Costa Rica. Most of the doctors and the people setting up the protocol are all trained in the US.

There have been over 700 clinical trials in the US with adult stem cells. None of these trials have been for autism, but they have had success with other diseases such as Parkinson's, Multiple Scrosis, Cerbral Psalsy, and many others. Any thing good you hear about stem cells is all adult/umbilical cord stem cells. There have been no success stories from embryonic stem cells to date.

Adult stem cells differ from embryonic stem cells in the way that they will go into the body and have the potential to become any type of cell and they will seek out areas of damage and heal those areas. Adult stem cells will grow for a period of time, and then stop growing (maybe six months). This may cause the patient to plateau. Then, you may want to have another treatment, depending on how far the last one took you.

Embryonic stem cells on the other hand, will grow and grow and will not stop growing. They have the potential to become more of the same disease you are trying to treat or they may create new ones, such as cancer, years down the road. We are against embryonic stem cells and believe that it is taking another life. We do not feel that our son's life would be more important than another person's life (just our personal opinion on embryonic stem cells).

Email us for more information. We can also send you some radio interviews that we did describing how stem cells work and the success we had using the mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber


  1. Hello: How is Ken now after the stem cell treatment? My daughter is 4 yo with autism and I would like to know more about his recovery after this kind of therapy.

  2. hi, my name is gisele and i have a 4yo son with autism. would you please let me know how much all the treatment cost and how long it took? and also what difference do you see in your son between then and now.
    thanks a lot

  3. Hi, i was wondering where on the spectrum your child was before beginning therapies. I have a 2 year old with severe autism. Was your son labeled as severe?



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