Friday, September 17, 2010

NuLife Foods! Ken Loves Their Products!

We have just tried the most fabulous gluten free/casein free foods from NuLife Foods. Kenneth loves their foods. We tried the chocolate chip cookies, and he had so much fun putting them in the oven and baking them--he didn't even notice the difference.

You have to look at their web site! Since all three of my kids have Autistic Enterocolitis, I have to feed everyone on the special diet. NuLife Foods are so convenient for school lunches. Philip wants me to order everything on their site! But one really neat thing was how healthy the ingredients were--there was lots of vegetables in the foods, like squash in the meatballs--very good!

Here is their web site-- http:/

NuLife foods is offering a 10% off your first NuLife Foods order! Your discount code will be "MARTYBLOG". On the NuLife Foods website, you will see the full list of delicious products and can order them directly there! They also have a ton of information about the company, their testing, and the science behind the diet. Check it out, it's very interesting!

This are the easiest and best tasting products we have ever tried!

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