Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Boil Three Chickens A Week! Is That Legal?

As things start to slow down and we are left inside for the long Maine winter, I have had time to contemplate Ken's diet. We have decided to put the kids back on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Now, I search out my mom, who is almost 80, and ask her how to make a chicken soup. Not so common for someone my age to know how to do. I have only made about 5 chicken soups in my life and non of them came out like mom's. This week, however, I followed her instructions and now consider myself an expert! The kids look forward to drinking chicken broth--and so do I!

Meat and fish stocks provide building blocks for the rapidly growing cells of the gut lining and they have a soothing effect on any areas of inflammation in the gut. That is why they aid digestion and have been known for centuries as healing folk remedies for the digestive tract. Do not use commercially available soup stock granules... or bullion cubes, they are highly processed and are full of detrimental ingredients. Chicken stock is particularly gentle on the stomach and is very good to start from.

Right now, I am boiling about three chickens a week...Is that legal? It is so delicious--with my mom's secret ingredient...

Chicken soup and bone broths have natural anti-inflammatory properties and help heal the digestive system.


  1. We cook at big pot of soup like this for Lexi every week. I swear she is more together after she eats it!

  2. thank you for sharing! this is fantastic!



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