Monday, May 16, 2011

Today At The Stem Cell Institute

Kenneth and I had a great morning.  We went to the Stem Cell Institute with one of my Facebook friends, who I had never met.  She has been raising money for her son for a while and this is his first treatment!

Ken got his preliminary bloodwork done today by his favorite doctor, Dr. Hernandez.  Dr. Hernandez does a fabulous job with kids and it only took a few seconds to draw his blood.  It was very uneventful and quick!

Tomorrow, Ken will get his first infusion for this round of stem cells!!!!!  RECOVERY!

This clinic is so great and their work with stem cells is the best in the world.  No other clinic is like the Stem Cell Institute--they are one of the best in the world, and we are really excited to be able to come here and have a chance and healing our son.  Thank you, God, for being so gracious to us to give us this opportunity!


  1. You are right Daniell and his family have paved a wonderful road for us all. I follow his blog closely and have noticed that I can not get to it. Do you know if he does it. I know a lot of people don't understand what some us want to do for our children who have an autism diagnosis, but hope that they have not silenced they only voice that many us have. If you can respond and help me to access his blog I would appreciate it. But non-the-less you and he and others like you have blessed and encouraged me to start my own blog and fundraising events for my son. A zumba-thon is underway. Thanks

  2. Marty, what hotel did you stay in?
    From, mom and little guy headed to panama

  3. We just got back from Panama less than a week ago. When did you start seeing progress from the injections. I heard about six weeks. What was your experience? Thank you for sharing your story. It is so helpful to our family. I am so happy for all of you!



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