Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Forget Brad Pitt--I Want To Meet Pablo De La Hoya, The CEO Of The Stem Cell Institute!

Most girls dream about meeting Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Today, I met someone who to me was more exciting than any superstar--Pablo De La Hoya, the CEO of the Stem Cell Institute!

It is strange, something that is so powerful and can change lives so dramatically exists here at this very unassuming location in Panama City, Panama. I watch in amazement as these doctors work, getting ready to inject Ken with his miracle "potion". They are unpretentious, kind, and helpful. Do they not know that it is because of their work that our lives have changed--that Ken has a future--that we can live a normal life?

Pablo De La Hoya is a man that I admire the most in the world--the leader of the champion of stem cell clinics, the Stem Cell Institute. Because of him and others who work at the Stem Cell Institute, we have this amazing treatment. I am impressed with the nerve and fortitude it takes to face up to the pressures of this type of job day after day.

Thank you, the Stem Cell Institute, for saving our son!

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