Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Costa Rica is fantastic (GET ME OUT OF HERE)...It is so amazing what they are doing with these adult stem cells. There is a man here to have an adult stem cell transplant for hearing. We have met such nice people, most here to treat MS, some are staying a month for treatments. Donald is a wild man, he is now Spanish and can leap a tall building in a single bound with our rental car...

Kenneth is talking in more complex sentences. It is hard to say what this is from at this point. I tend to not think that it is the stem cells. He will ask Philip questions, like, "Ok, Philip. I want 100 black puppies and I am going to name my puppy Blacky. How many big black dogs do you want? One hundred, two hundred, or what? What are you going to name your black dog?"

Then, he will look at Philip until he gets an answer. He is so interested in what Philip will say. It is really cute.

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