Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hola From Costa Rica!

We are in Costa Rica and Kenneth will be getting his first adult stem cell injection this morning. I wanted to list a few of his symptoms so that we can get a better understanding of his progress.

Kenneth Kelley, age 8



Giggles/Silly/Inappropriate With His Brother Or New People--will show off, be loud, obnoxious, demand attention, scream, jump on furniture, throw things, crawl on the floor, get under furniture, take off his clothes, get under the seats on the school bus

Runs around, destructive--will throw things on the floor when insulted or run away into the woods outside--sometimes will take baby sister with him and lead her to the road while laughing
Screams very loudly, will scream from morning until night, thinks it is funny--likes it when you respond negatively to the screaming, encourages him to scream louder and closer to your face

Screams and is uncooperative while being dressed--it is very hard to dress him because he screams so loud. This is very painful and my husband and I have headaches everyday from his screaming. We have to wrestle him to get him dressed. Also, we have to chase him throughout dressing him, as he bolts out the door every 5-10 seconds.

Very smelly bowel movements. He urinates and has bowel movements in his diaper.

Kenneth has started hitting my husband and his older brother. He will not stop fighting. He often yells at family and strangers to "shut up". This happens every half hour through out the day


Kenneth has the vocabulary of a four year old. He can talk, but it is difficult for strangers to understand him.

Some questions, he does not understand like why, when, or how questions.


Kenneth's body is the size of a five year old.


  1. To Marty, Some of these symptoms sound famaliar. Hope all is well now.

  2. could you describe how the procedure is done and how child reacts before and during and after procedure??

  3. Hi, thanks for asking. It is an IV, the same as a blood draw. My son acted calmer, hungrier, and sleepier after his first transplant. Last week, he acted a little more excited and stimulated after his transplant. The doctor said this may be from the cells going to the brain or the blood flowing to the brain. Watch a bit of him getting the IV on the video on my blog. Ken doesn't mind needles and will sit still for the IV, which lasts only a few minutes.



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