Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today Is Kenneth's Third Treatment With Adult Stem Cells!

Today is Ken's third treatment with the adult stem cells. We have not seen anything new, yet. The stem cells take 24 hours to attach and multiply. It could take six weeks to six months before we see anything new. One girl who came here six weeks ago with her non-verbal son says that her son is now actually saying words--for the first time since his MMR vaccine at 18 months!

We will attempt to drive to the beach today. Yesterday my life flashed before my eyes as we drove to the rain forest. I made Donald turn around, the driving was so dangerous, with big trucks speeding/passing.

Someone just came up to Ken in the lobby and asked him to be quiet (hehehe, you know where this is going). He told her to, "SHUT UP!!!" lol. She told Donald that he had a monster (not to be confused with Monster-line, who is in Maine at Grammy's). I feel bad for these poor people who comment and then we try to politely explain that he has autism. I think Ken is still chasing her around the lobby...

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