Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Brand New Boy With Brand New Adult Stem Cells

We are just coming back from our first treatment at the clinic in Costa Rica with our brand new boy and his brand new adult stem cells. I am actually using the internet on the plane right now (I didn't know this was possible).

Donald and I loved the doctors, especially Dr. Lara. I was surprised how Kenneth was upset when Dr. Lara wasn't there one day to do the transplant. Ken questioned him, "Where were you yesterday?" It was very funny to hear his "new" ways of communicating. I can't exactly say what is different. More words in each sentence, or more common sense types of conversation, but something is different.

Dr. Lara is a very kind, caring man and you can tell he is doing this because he loves his patients and what he does. We were very happy with the clinic Costa Rica. The clinic was right beside our hotel parking lot.

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