Monday, August 3, 2009

Why Ken Is Naked And Screaming On Top Of The Volcano Display In The Airport...

While in Costa Rica, we met some really wonderful people (most of whom had family with autism). Here is how odd our experiences went. One couple in the hot tub lived in Bangor until they were 20.

Then, at the airport, we kept running into this really cute baby (and her parents) for two days (we were at the San Jose airport since Friday night at 10 pm until Sunday at 1 pm--had to keep checking flights and the 10 minute trip to the hotel was two hours because of construction).

Yesterday, I felt the need to explain to this cute baby's mom how my son had autism and that is why he was naked a screaming on top of the volcano display in the airport. We told her how we were in Costa Rica for an adult stem cell transplant. She told us that her friend was a doctor who did this. And it was one of Ken's doctor's at the clinic. This cute baby's mom could have donated her baby's cord to the clinic, but it didn't work out for them at that time. Needless to say, they are going to donate the next cord. We talked for a while and learned so much about stem cells and the clinic. It was really weird to meet these people at the airport!

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