Saturday, August 1, 2009

It appears to be that we are somehow stuck in Costa Rica. We spent most of the day at the airport. I guess we will be home sometime Monday around noon, our flight leaves Costa Rica tomorow at 1 pm.

Ken and Philip got to swim in the pool. It is a little chilly/windy here. This is winter in Costa Rica.

Ken is definately talking up a storm. He is approaching everyone and telling them all of his adventures--very funny, for us. We are really in awe at all of the conversations he is making. Is it from the excitement of the trip, or the stem cells?

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  1. So what are you seeing now? I am looking into doing this with my 14 year old autistic son. I see different story's but what is the best and most of what you see? My son talks a lot now, I would love for him to catch up in reading, writing,math, have you seen anything in those area's? Thanks



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